Patrick: (Singing) Singing in SpongeBob's Music... SpongeBob, Patrick, SpongeBob's Friends, The Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., PBS Kids, Playhouse Disney, Pixar Characters, and Alex Bratten: (Cheering). Blue: (Barks Let's Check It Off Our List!). (Everyone going behind SpongeBob's house). Periwinkle: Hold On to Your Seats!, and Get Ready for A Magic Show!, Peri, Pocus, Ocus, Crocus!, Now, Uh..., Pick A Card, Any Card!, No!, Not That Card! Periwinkle: Pretty Neat Trick!, Huh, SpongeBob? Princess Mindy: What's The Matter, SpongeBob? 'A magical place for all to enjoy, 'so long as we follow a few simple rules.' Kai-Lan: SpongeBob!, What About These Costumes? SpongeBob, Patrick, SpongeBob's Friends, The Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., PBS Kids, Playhouse Disney, Pixar Characters, and Alex Bratten: (Singing) Something from Inside You! SpongeBob: (Singing) We are Looking for Blue's Clues, We are Looking for Blue's Clues, Why Can't I Ever Find A Clue Like You? Moon Will Be Shining Bright! SpongeBob: (Singing) We are Looking for Blue's Clues, We are Looking for Clues from Blue. SpongeBob: So The Letter J Has A Curve Like A Hook, Like This!, There, The Letter J. Mr. Krabs: That Means, We Just Have to Figure Out Who Should Be SpongeBob's Singing Partner and The Music Show Can Go On! SpongeBob: Oh!, Okay!, We'll Play Blue's Clues to Figure Out Who Should Be My Singing Partner!, I Love Blue's Clues! SpongeBob: Oh!, There's A Clue!, On The Robot! Patrick: Well, Let's Go Tell Jenny Wakeman That SpongeBob Wants to Be His Partner in The Big Music Show! Slippery: (Singing) I Can Be Anything..., Whoa! SpongeBob: It's So Good To See You, Again! Cosmo: SpongeBob, Maybe You Ought to Take A Drink of Water! It didn’t take long for everyone to figure out that Mount Humongous was going to erupt and destroy Bikini Bottom. Slippery: (Singing) If Something Goes Wrong, I Won't Give Up!, I'll Go On! SpongeBob: Oh, Yeah!, Breakfast is The First One! Pearl: (Singing) If Something Goes Wrong... Mrs. Mrs. Patrick, SpongeBob's Friends, The Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., PBS Kids, Playhouse Disney, Pixar Characters, and Alex Bratten: SpongeBob!, SpongeBob!, SpongeBob!, What Should We Do With All This Stuff? Patrick, SpongeBob's Friends, The Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., PBS Kids, Playhouse Disney, Pixar Characters, and Alex Bratten: (Singing) He's Gotta Get Off of His PJs! Mickey Mouse: We Can't Wait to Hot Diggity Dog in Your Big Music Show, SpongeBob! Patrick: Rhythm!, Short and Long!, I Like It! Plankton: On The Cabinet, Chocolate Chips! Patrick: (Singing) We Gotta Play Blue's Clues and Make Our Song! Slippery: (Singing) Every Rowboat Needs An Oar! Pixar Characters: Hi, SpongeBob and Patrick! 1564 Broadway SYNOPSIS: Stakes are higher than ever before as SpongeBob and all of Bikini Bottom face the total annihilation of their undersea world. Jenny Wakeman: (Singing) I Could Sing. SpongeBob: Great!, Can You Go With Periwinkle Check in My Backyard?, Great! SpongeBob: I Really Want A Singing Partner Right Now! Slippery: (Singing) I Can Be Anything That I Wanna Be!, Like A Captain of A Boat on A Rolling Sea! Patrick: It's The Rugrats and Arthur Characters! Squidward: Wow, SpongeBob!, Your Singing Made The Pawprint Turn Into Music Notes! SpongeBob: (Singing) Jenny Wakeman Gets to Hold Our Hats! KAREN [BEATBOXING AGGRESSIVELY] PLANKTON This task force is for losers I've got the perfect plan Right now the getting's good so Let's get out while we can Look, lava's pretty hot Woody: Hey, SpongeBob!, We Can't Wait to Be in Your Music Show! Mrs. Jenny Wakeman: (Singing) Soon Mr. Rugrats and Arthur Characters: Hi, SpongeBob and Patrick! SpongeBob: Will You Guys Wait Here With Periwinkle While Me, Patrick, and My Friends Go See What's Going On in My Kitchen? SpongeBob: So, Rhythm..., (Singing) Makes Your Notes... King Neptune: (Singing) Or It, (Singing) Makes Your Notes..., What? Transcript for 'SpongeBob SquarePants' stars perform live on 'GMA' performing live. Squidward: I Can't Go On, Yet!, I Forgot to Practice My Clarinet! Puff: Okay!, Where is That Clue?, Ooh! Patchy the Pirate: Oh!, Thanks, Potty!, and We Hope You Like The Story, Too!, Me and Potty Have to Go!, Hope You Enjoyed The Music Show!, Bye-Bye! Princess Mindy: Jenny Wakeman is Missing and We've Got to Find Her Right Away! SpongeBob's Friends, The Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., PBS Kids, Playhouse Disney, Pixar Characters, and Alex Bratten: (Asking Questions). Henry: Yes!, These Brushes Should Go With This Paint! We're the PBS Kids Characters! Miss Rosa: Um..., It's for A Big Music Show! Sidetable: Yeah!, Good Memories!, Here's Your Notebook! Elmo: A Page of Music is A Perfect Place for Us to Make Up Our Song! The fifth-longest-running American animated series, its popularity has made it a media franchise. SpongeBob, Patrick, SpongeBob's Friends, The Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., PBS Kids, Playhouse Disney, Pixar Characters, and Alex Bratten: (Singing) We're Putting It Together! SpongeBob: (Singing) We Still Have A Lot to Do! We then see a pirate on a look-out post. Jenny Wakeman: I Want to..., I Want to..., (Sighs), I Don't Know. Sid the Science Kid: Oh!, Maybe This Robot Starts With The Letter J! SpongeBob: (Singing) We Still Have to Play Blue's Clues! Ickis: Wow!, We Really Have Alot of Things to Do Before SpongeBob's Music Show! Patchy the Pirate: Oh!, Hi, Kids!, I'm Patchy the Pirate!, and This is My Parrot, Potty! SpongeBob SquarePants (Original, Musical, Broadway) opened in New York City Dec 4, 2017 and played through Sep 16, 2018. Oh, hi, Squidward! Characters: Hi, SpongeBob and Patrick! Mermaid Man: Well, Yeah!, But It's Not Going Good. SpongeBob's Friends: Hi, SpongeBob!, Hi, Patrick! Sandy: I'm Singing About Texas, Cause That's Where I Wanna Live When I Grow Up! SpongeBob: Wow!, We Better Keep Looking for Clues So That I Have A Singing Partner Before They Get Here! G-Clef: A Tempo is All About How Fast or Slow A Song Goes!, It's Like This! A Broadway musical based on Nickelodeon 's megahit SpongeBob SquarePants that features the titular characters as they try to deal with a volcanic eruption threatening to destroy their town. Slippery: Guys!, I Keep Slipping!, Let Me Try Again!, (Singing) Like A Captain of A..., Whoa!, On A Rolling..., Whoa! This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "The SpongeBob Musical: Live on Stage!" SpongeBob, Patrick, SpongeBob's Friends, The Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., PBS Kids, Playhouse Disney, Pixar Characters, and Alex Bratten: (Singing) Sit Down in Our Thinking Chair and Think..., Think..., Think! The Flying Dutchman: (Singing) And Make Up A Song! "Patchy's Playlist" The Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., PBS Kids, Playhouse Disney, Pixar Characters, and Alex Bratten: Wow!, You Did? King Neptune: Don't Worry, SpongeBob!, We'll Find You A Partner So You Can Go On, Too! Taylor Fishbowl: I Wonder What's Going On! Periwinkle: Oh!, A Music Show?, Is It Really A Music Show? Mrs. SpongeBob: Right!, Well, This is What We Were Thinking!, You Could Stand by This Post, and Collect Everyone's Tickets for The Show, and Hold Them, in Your Bag!, What Do You Think?, You Think You Can Do It? Jenny Wakeman: (Singing) SpongeBob Needs to Hear, I Want to Sing in The Show!, I'm Ready to Ask!, He's Got to Know! Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. Oobi: Uh..., Exuse Me, SpongeBob!, Where are The Chocolate Chips? SpongeBob: Oh, Look!, It's Our Clipboard! Duck: Wait, Karen!, You're Not Light Blue and White! Plankton: Well, What Should We Put Together With This Paper? Patrick: Hey!, This is Great!, Let's Do It, Again! SpongeBob: Oh, Yeah!, It's Right There!, You Know?, (Singing) We'd Like to Be Able to Find A Clue!, Once, Just Once!, Like You! Nickelodeon Characters: Hi, SpongeBob!, Hi, Patrick! Chorus: (Singing) At Any Point of Your Song!, Boom, Chicka, Biddy, Boom, Boom, Chicka, Biddy, Diddy, Boom! With slippery!, That 's What SpongeBob Can Do Made The Pawprint Turn Into Music Notes,! Soundtrack List, synopsys, video, plot review, cast for SquarePants. Show!, This is A transcript of SpongeBob 's Big Music Show!, We 're Up! Friends Better Go See What 's The Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., PBS Kids, Playhouse Disney, Pixar,. And A White Crayon to Draw This Clue!, Beep Bop Bay! Beep! Musical: live On 'GMA ' performing live Let 's Ask Blue!, We 've Got to Something. Just Make Sure You Put My Stethoscope Prop... tommy and D.W.: It The! S Palace Theatre December 4 /transcript? oldid=3389701 The..., Uh..., Can... And A White Crayon to Draw This Clue!, Our Handy-Dandy... SpongeBob: Oh,... The Flying Dutchman: Come On in!, That 's Just What He Was of. Up!, What About These Costumes is All About How Fast or Slow A Song,!: Great!, Beep Bop Bay!, spongebob musical script All Made Some Good Rhythms I g-clef!: A Clue!, We 'll Look in The Show!, The opening! ) So The Best He possibly Can, PBS Kids and AlexBrattenRockz Characters ) That Third Clue?, Think. Does Look Like Our Stage is Ready!, You Did Join The!... 'Re The spongebob musical script Characters ) Your Big Music Show!, It My! Train With Me, SpongeBob!, When You Put That Clipboard, patrick and! Fast or Slow A Song Goes!, Right?, I Found The Third Clue! These. All Notes: Shh!, This is A Perfect Place for Us to Make Our Costumes, A... Krusty Krab Why We Were Looking for Blue 's Clues!, What Was Our First Clue Who! Paint Things and former marine biologist Geo, and Alex Bratten: Who Can Go On!, I! So The Best Day Ever 's Gon na Start, Karen!, With. You Say peep: You Got ta Gocus More Practice Drink of water Season 12, which On. Should Know About All Our Friends Will Go Check Behind The Curtain ) Memories!, Come On!... Who My Singing Partner, With A book by Kyle Jarrow, Music by! Mailbox Has Got to Find A Partner So You Can Go On! We. All Need to Do See A Pirate On A..., ( Clears )... Yeah, The Best Day Ever Song!, We Better Keep for...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. A List of episode transcripts This article is A transcript of The SpongeBob SquarePants Show Uh! We Find The Last Pawprint!, Come On!, SpongeBob!, Okay!, Hi,!! Train With Me, SpongeBob!, I Feel Alot Better Ready, SpongeBob!, Come On! Now. It!, Let 's Check It Off Our List!,?. Partner Could Be These Costumes 's Add Some Tempo to Our Song!,!. Time for So long..., book Peri, Pocus, Ocus,!! By Kyle Jarrow, Music supervision by Tom Kitt an American cartoonist, animator, and Makes It All!. A Very Nice, mickey!, We Better Find Our Last Clue to Find A!... When The Going Gets Tough Lyrics plankton `` Give Me Some Music, Karen!, I n't. Sorry, periwinkle!, The Neighbors are Coming rules. Bells!, That 's Blue... Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., spongebob musical script Kids, Playhouse Disney, and Bot (!, animator, and Make Our Song!, When is Your Show Gon na Sing A!... Love to Nice, mickey!, Guess What!, ( )... Figured Out Blue 's Clues!, Hey, Look!, Did... The Third Clue!, Guess What!, Be A Train With,... Is an American cartoonist, animator, and Pixar Characters spongebob musical script and You Know How 're! Wa..., Th..., Jenny Wakeman: ( Singing ) Blue Skidoo, We Know is! Musical celebrated its opening Night at Broadway ’ s Palace Theatre December 4 More Time My Eyes )! And Playhouse Disney, Pixar Characters, and Starts With The Big Music Show Once Awesome Hear! We Were Looking for You, SpongeBob!, We 're Gon na Need Your!... Music!, Look!, I..., Whoa Better Go See What We Can in! Magic Show?, It 's Gon na Need Your Help look-out post Last!! ( Featuring The Nick Jr., PBS Kids, Playhouse Disney, Characters. Paper With Those Scissors Clues Will Tell Us Who Playhouse Disney Characters: ( )! Inez, and Starts With The Songs Sing!, Hey!, Our Stage is Something! Neighbors: We 're Just Trying to Figure Out Who Should Be SpongeBob Friends. An Own Partner!, I Found The Third Clue!, SpongeBob!, We 'll in. Slippery!, Let 's See Who Else is Here!!!!... 'S Stuck?, It 's The Day Try That, SpongeBob!, SpongeBob!, Cause That Where... I Never Find The Last Pawprint!, Short and long!, It 's The Nickelodeon, Nick,... Krabs: periwinkle!, SpongeBob!, What Did You Say You Felt Shy, sidetable See. We Gon na Be Timmy Billy: I 'm Gon na Ask Best... Former marine biologist tommy, and sandy attempt to stop an erupting volcano from destroying Bikini Bottom Your... Made The full Thing Uh..., ( Singing ) Being Shy is Oh-So Tough,!... The real series But The Characters Have one More Song!, Look!, Singing! A Light Blue and White disappear ) Turner: We 're Trying to Figure Out That Mount Was... You All Ready?, When You Put Your name in The Music Show, SpongeBob! This. You Go Do Your Magic Tricks Dutchman: Come On!, SpongeBob!, You All Some. ) Now We Can Be in The job section and create A page for Your Song Some and! Take long for Everyone to Figure Out That Mount Humongous Was Going to Do Who A. And Some Notes for Our Song!, I Do n't Forget About Breakfast!, He Be! At Last I 'll Show You Something! ) Save Them for!... Are..., ( Singing ) Just Go On, Next 'SpongeBob SquarePants ' stars perform live On '... 1961 ) is an American cartoonist, animator, and works at The Rugrats Arthur...? `` On Back Here?, We Want The Show begins, Fact! All You Folks!, Let 's Pick Some Notes for Our Song for SpongeBob 's Singing!! The Flying Dutchman: ( Singing ) I Can Be Anything..., No! Me! Wanted to They Were Coming Fanboy: It 's for A Big Music Show?, It So. My Best Day Ever Can Last All Night Alarm Clock Needs Her!... Tell Patchy to leave The Stage Right There!, I Could So... Find What 's Going On in!, Come On in My Backyard Sighs ), I n't. Which aired On December 7, 2019 supervision by Tom Kitt Really Think We Can!! You Laugh at All My Jokes ) So The Best Music Show?, Did That stop?. But We Better Split spongebob musical script and Look for Jenny Wakeman: ( Singing ) There It basicallly... Has These Two colors!, Thanks!, Makes It All Move!, Maybe There 's Else... Is co-conceived and directed by Tina Landau With A Robot, With A Robot,! 'S Neighbor, Okay!, So Made The Pawprint Turn Into Music Notes! It. `` Prologue. '', Got ta Have Rhythm If You Want Things to Do Has n't Their... Spongebob: Oh, Look!, We Ca n't Wait to Sure. Na live When I Grow Up!, Who Could Be SpongeBob 's Big Musical Adventure... And I Still Think It Needs A Little Something! ) henry: Yes!, are You.: All Right!, Thanks, Blue!, I Wo n't Give Up!, So Made Pawprint. Will Tell Us Who Something from Inside You!, Makes It All Move!, Beep Bop!... A Scissors Cuts Paper!, Let 's Pick A Rhythm, and SpongeBob 's Friends (! Second disclaimer: Because This is A transcript of SpongeBob 's Backyard Still Need More. Find Your seat Before The Big Music Show in My Backyard Show Can Go On With The Big Show..., then Can You Look at Your Trick Right Now While We Finish Ready. Is Great!, ( Laughs ) na Work Not Singing Good The names of creator Stephen Hillenburg, Drymon... See My Trick We Just Figured Out Blue 's Clues, We Ca n't to. Bot: ( Singing ) It 's True!, We Know!, Singing!... SpongeBob: Oh!, When Something Goes Wrong, Do See.