:), Thank you very much for your reply! Even if you aren't auditioning as a dancer, still include a dance clip! The do have an English option. If you're going to attend a live audition (like SM Global Audition), do you have to apply by e-mail first or do you just walk in and audition? I was wondering if I still have to send them a video of me while dancing or singing even though I'm only auditioning as an actress or a model. Confirmation? Thank you very much!! Because i dont want to just stand on the stage like a tree and sing my songs. Since they do not ask for it, they do not want one. The judge I got looked absolutely beat and definitely looked like she did not want to be there...so pick something new and fresh!The only time I would recommend singing an SM song is if you could rearrange it in a new and creative way, such as what Luna and Amber did with "NU ABO" on "Amazing f(x)". Then you send it in. 3. I want to dance too when singing my songs. From what I understand and have experienced, everysing has a worse record than the email auditions. It must be in the .avi or .wmv format and less than 50 MB. Start voice and dance training at an early age. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. (I don't know how to create an own choreography...)To summarise. Hi well I auditioned for Smtown online audition and like 10 seconds later I got a message from S.MDear .....Thank you for submitting your aplication for the S.M Entertaiment We have receive your complete application and any information given will be strictly confidential. could you please tell me if there's any reply. Sign in to smtown.com. And I was thinking of using the email audition method how long shoul both the singing and dancing files be? are u sure that they will see the email? This is the entertainment industry and you are going to be the product that the company sells. Enter the song title and artist. pls help, thanks ><. Depending on your number, you will wait anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours. it ok if i record my song in studio but no editing? I applied for global auditions twice consecutively and I'm a little worried because I saw this girl got banned for doing so when she applied to another entertainment company. Also, if you have facial piercings, I would suggest taking them out for the photo (they can alter your appearance). It depends on how organized they are, but usually* yes.However, if you aren't able to get in until your scheduled time or later, I wouldn't be surprised. The judges assume you have had no lessons or training unless you mention a school or time when you did receive it. Yes. ‘SM Entertainment’(hereinafter, referred to as ‘Company’) respects your personal information and the “Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc.” Power. SM accepts all auditions regardless of age, race, and gender.If it makes you feel better, I was one day away from being 20 when I went and did my Weekly Audition. Any dancers they want to dance again are asked to dance again. If you wish to advance, yes.Please see my "Useful Guide to SM Entertainment" for audition times. ^^. Make sure your hair and/or face isn't out of the frame. Hii ~ I want to ask if i should record the dance cover and singing cover all in 1 video or 2 seperate videos? Comeback / Teaser / Music Video. I think i look okay - good, i sing okay and i'm good at dancing (My b-dance teacher asked if i was interested in working as a teacher, so i seem to be not too bad...). They also ask that you DO NOT photoshop, edit, touch up, or in anyway shape or form mess with the photos! ), Subject:   Name/Age/Gender/Category you are auditioning for   (EX:  Angela/16/Female/Singer). SM Entertainment to Hold Global Audition for New Boy Group + Comeback Lineup 2021. :)SM allows you to record an audition using everysing's karaoke rooms. A: Yes and no. Yes, if you can!For example, if you sang "The Star-Spangled Banner", I would start with "And the rocket's red glare..." to the end.The dance clip should be a high light of what you can do. The judge selects the music. :)That actually could help you if you are conversationally fluent or better. Is this true? Yes you failed in a way because you're not signed up for a private chat or audition, but no because you've gotten more of a response than most! :), Hi I have a few questions well I'm thinking to audition online via SMTOWN's official homepage I know that you have to put the Url / link for example of a video of youtube but I don't know that it has to be for example a video like that you record with Ipod or a make a video with a program like movie maker and you put the mp3 audio and a picture of you.? And also, must you sing in Korean? 1.) Open global.everysing.com. it only said that it have in itune or google android. | SM Entertainment. about SM. SM will provide the music :). Don't change your facial features - smile, but don't be winking or making a weird face. If you're a dancer, you will be skipped and told to remain on the stage after the singers depart. Honestly, the judges are going to assume you do NOT have any experience. Also, don't submit it to both sites at the same time unless you find there is a glitch with one site.There is no limit, but limit yourself to one entry per time so you're not considered spam. If you're auditioning specifically for a dancer, no, you do not.2.) 많은 참여 바랍니다. But I need to tell this, these requirements are, They want to know if you can dance, and have the potential to dance. Hey guys, I've researched heaps but I'm still pretty confuzzled about their requirements~ 1. "Commonly Asked Questions"Q: I live in a place that isn't close to Korea (I don't have a lot of money). Would they compare you to the original singers? Quick Question but do the accept indians...? Hi my friend and i are auditioning as a group but i was wondering if i could also do a solo audition. I wouldn't worry about it, but I would suggest not sending any more emails to the Global Auditions this year. As you walk straight ahead, you will cross one street. I'm a bit confused, when you say experience.. What exactly do you mean?Like for example are you talking about how much talent we may have? It does give you an edge, but don't mention it unless they ask for languages or special talents! SM Entertainment to Hold Global Audition for New Boy Group + Comeback Lineup 2021. They are the first two options above.If you get accepted, you will have to pay for your own tickets to Korea until SM puts you under contract.Hope that helps! The way you will most likely be considered as an idol would be to audition as a singer and also opt to dance at your audition. What do you mean by "Area of Application"? cause i know k-pop it's actually KOREAN but this sounds quite racist xD i mean if you're good why don't accepting you just because you don't have almond-shaped eyes??? Another question!! Your profile shot is the side of your face.You should look nice, but make sure you aren't wearing ANY make-up. Send your profile via E-mail, and attach your video file or music file with your photos (face-shots/full-body shots). CORE STRENGTH. You. am i gonna stay there for like another hour? Therefore it … Area of Application just means what you are auditioning for (modeling, acting, singing, dancing, etc. ^^. SM is like any other agency - they want idols with great talent and great visuals. The judge will also be the one requesting you to sing or dance more. Do you have to apply before going to the weekly auditions in Seoul??? i dont know if i did it right. What email did you send? :)) sorry if I questioned too much. Click the button on the left that says "Audition Apply". If you have AOL or AIM, I would use it, but I wouldn't make another account specifically for this. sorry if i have too many questions but i would like to ask about the photos that i will submit? All that physical activity can cause people to slim down! I wanted to audition for singing in sanfranciso this fall but no one would drive me to the audition and my voice isn't as good as others although i'm told i can sing so i'm planning to audition online maybe starting off with modeling. If you can't make it (or don't call back) they might be disappointed but they quickly move on to the next person who calls back.If this is your dream and you don't have any money, don't stop trying to raise money. Only check and list languages that you are fluent in. For this purpose, can be limited to just the country or as detailed as city, state/province, country.EX: Toronto, Ontario, Canada [but you can simply leave it Toronto, Canada]EX: El Paso, TX, USA, hi, im just wondering why when the people sing in the everysing audition on youtube, they have music..is there any differnt between that kind of audtion and the one u mentioned? Really ? For any sort of response, email auditions take about 2-5 weeks (longer during Global Auditions where Globals emails take priority).3.) Thank you! I would pack that in with a few of your best moves. Here's a quick guide that I've compiled based on my own experience and other sources. And if the song has a part where you rap (which I'm quite good at) , will it be helpful or sticking to a normal Korean song? They care mostly about talent than your name. I'm planning to be a rapper and dancer so is it okay if I rap in English? I'd really recommend you not to audition for SM because of their track history. And is there really a year round audition? Career and Experience are the same thing!At the age most people audition, there hasn't been enough time to build a career. Charismatic, and self confidence. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and hit "everysing store". However, if you have an Alien Registration Number, you can fill it out in this box. Go to the right side of the audition page (www.smtown.com/link/audition) and click on "Apply Now". You must in order to submit it. It's okay. Hi Christina!At live auditions, www.smtown.com/link/audition asks that you not bring your own disk. Just wondering but how long does it take for a reply to come back after a everysing/email audition? Lee Michelle is a Black Korean and is signed to YG. Instead of a couple hundred emails a day, they are now hit with thousands of emails a day. Keep dreaming and keep working hard!! "I always suggest freestyle, but if you absolutely can't, try covering a dance that isn't from SM.After they accept your email/post/online audition, they will ask you to live audition at either a Global Audition or Weekly Audition in Seoul. Q: I heard SM Entertainment is 80% looks and 20% talent. It depends on why you have false/fake teeth. Also, everysing, while affiliated with SM Entertainment, is a separate entity. will i be alone with the judges? You can check also that website, for more information. Love the way you lie to be specific. Sing ? No editing, photoshopping, touching up, or anything on the photos. Or you you have to look like a Korean, if that's possible you can have a chance. What if I can speak Vietnamese and English (english with an Australian accent) 2. No. - If your company is small, you might get cut off from your DEBUT stage. You must pre-register. The important is just to believe in your self, and entertain the judges. I'm going to tell you the requirements, and the details about them, and some tips about it. Scroll down through our huge directory of Kpop Record Labels & Entertainment companies to search for OPEN auditions with the company. Scroll through the guide to the bottom. everysing limits your clips to 50 MB.Please see "Basic Audition Q & A" for time limit suggestions! After the singers are done, anyone they want to sing again, does so. On Jan. 16, SM Entertainment announced that they will hold an audition for a new boy group (SMNBG), which is open for all K-pop idol aspirants around the world. Sorry for the trouble but I have a few questions,1) I applied by online, but i didn't send any video on me singing, could i possibly apply again, but by email with a different email?2)how long does it usually take for them to send a confirmation?3)for an email application do you need to write a self introduction?thank you for your time! Yes! A: Yes, but I strongly encourage saving up to attend a live audition. They do see online auditions, but you are usually directed to a live Audition in the end. Thank you~. A: Yes, but I strongly encourage saving up to attend a live audition. If you're lacking at rap too, they will probably not except you. While the group ahead of you auditions, a staff member will gather up the next ten. They want to know if you can dance, and have the potential to dance. You just need to send a video of your talent (acting or modeling).-From Rachel, posted by Hara :). Any help would be great. You may only choose ONE field to audition in, so choose carefully. Global network of producers, writers, directors, and creators. It also means if you attend their auditions, you have your foot in the door. It will probably take a while to sort through them all! If you audition for acting, have you got a award for it (try to make sure the experience is something with actual prizes, unless the school choir and a church musical is all you've ever done)? does anyone here already got reply from sm email audition 2012/2013 (recently)? However, if you don't speak Korean singing Korean is a good idea - Super Junior-M's ZhouMi was chosen for his ability to sing a Korean song with perfect pronunciation despite not knowing Korean.I don't know what you mean by judges pushing your name, but honestly I don't seen Mi Nam as a boy's name :). Songs to avoid:  ANYTHING SM (seriously...so many people did SES's "Just A Feeling", Wendy's "슬픔 속에 그댈 지워야만 해" and a ton of Taeyeon's OST songs). :). Do you recommend singing SM artists' songs for auditions? Does it mean that I will not be accepted because i didn't go? SM is not swayed by stories like that, especially since some of their artists came from poverty (Jaejoong, BoA) and it gives you a helpless, begging image.Like scouting agencies, when they like you, they offer you a spot. (i'm okay or worse as singer. Q: I heard SM Entertainment is 80% looks and 20% talent. Avoid common songs unless you can really change it up. We had one girl do Wendy's "슬픔 속에 그댈 지워야만 해" and then two after her, in her same group, another girl did the same song. If you did it once or twice, I wouldn't worry. or Should I tell them via email that I'm poor and just tell me if I'm accepted or not or should I just send another video of me singing or dancing?I know this is a dumb question but we're just really poor to afford a ticket to Seoul. Can u suggest a few songs where I can dance to or must it be free style? Featuring SM groups, like Girls' Generation, Red Velvet, EXO, SHINee, and Super Junior, this list of SM artists also … SM is looking for charisma and stage presence.Good luck! The weekends are probably a very busy time. Hi, So it said on the SM audition site that they would prefer AOL or AIM mail, would regular Gmail still work? You could feasibly submit any entry every week if you improved each time by leaps and bounds. When you reach the third floor, you will have reached the audition area, so please be respectful and quiet! (If you can spell it in Korean, I suggest adding that as well). Thank you for your info it was really helpful and I ca thank you enough for thisBut ... What song do you suggest we sing because I'm having a hard time choosing one now and can it be in other languages other than English? I'm assuming at least 5000 a week. 1.yes no 2 is about the size of the size of the mp3 singing file (also the dancing clip and images). However, I wouldn't recommend wearing those fake pop-in teeth that beauty contestants wear (SM would prefer to have your teeth permanently fixed). I'll never get tired of answering questions :)How do you defined "unfinished"? And I don't really dance and sing. Can I do both? The requirements are 40 - 60 KG to get in. Do i have to send a singing file? :)Is it allowed to audition in dancing if you're going to use EverySing or EverySing is allowed to only who would audition in singing? You don't have to worry about your USB, CD, or DVD getting damaged along the way. It's the second person, first dancer, wearing a red jacket around his waist. Introduction to SM Entertainment, the best entertainment group in South Korea. Hi Olivia ~ I sent an email audition too but I didn't receive any reply yet :( could you please tell me when did you receive an email back and how long did it takes for you to receive an answer from them ? :) I will let you know when it goes up. Or what else must i do ? Suite 300 Los Angeles, CA 90010. Yes. Area of Application just means what you are auditioning for (modeling, acting, singing, dancing, etc. Thank you! (The backyard show you put on with the neighbor kids doesn't count...). Also, remove any facial jewelry like nose or eyebrow rings (earrings are okay, but make sure they are simple). There, you are guaranteed a staff member who speaks English.However, if you live closer to Korea (or will be vacationing in/around there anytime soon), I would go there. i wonder so too. :)I would make it one clip as they seem to dislike going through multiple links.If you audition via their SMTown page, you will receive a reply in your email inbox if they are interested in you. do you think that singing a DBSK song (JYJ and HOMIN) will annoy SM so my audition will be passed? And do we put/fill out the application form thing in the email as well? Hello again. They're slowly seeing declines in sales in Japan of Japanese records released by Korean singers who don't really speak Japanese. The auditions are held at the POSCO P&N Tower. No problem!!! If the program you used does not have .avi or .wmv as a conversion choice, convert it anyway and then convert it again to .avi or .wmv using a conversion program. Do you know if when you're at the auditions, if you go earlier is it possible for you to audition before your assigned time. They will suggest a diet or foods to avoid/add to your diet. Both Key and Kyuhyun and Lay both have very rough skin! 여러분들의 꿈이 이뤄질 수 있도록 빅히트 엔터테인먼트가 함께 하겠습니다. I'm not sure what's the next step I should take! so it's gonna be 30seconds for each of the 3 songs? For reference, there is a Starbucks on the first level. Hey, what if i want to be like F(X) and snsd and all , what do i have to do ? Hi! What if you live in Australia and your parents won't pay for your ticket to Korea? Then, you let you talent speak for itself. Global or Youth Star: No.Weekly Audition: Yes.Online/email: No, but it's recommended.On all of these, still be prepared! Print them out or include them on the media format you are sending. You can audition as early as 12 years old. Do i have to record my voice first ? once through online and once through email. Precaution : E-mail and Online Audition File Attachment. a) BoA's dances are notoriously difficult and if you aren't up to that level, they will judge you a ton harsher than if you dance another dance. You should keep your hair off your forehead and out of your face. - Even if you pass the audition (assuming it's a big company like SM), you probably won't debut. SM's staff seems to dislike going through multiple links. Enter the subject. Attach an mp3 (or video) of you singing. So you're alone in the room with the judges or do you audition with a group in a room but you go one at a time? Now You're A Trainee...:  A Speculative Look At Your Future, A Useful Guide to the SM Entertainment Auditions, Tell Me Your Wish...Er...Questions. ), hi :)thanks you so so much for sharing this info with us!I was wondering that if we dance, will they play a random song for us or do we get to prepare our own disks? Competition to be a trainee at these K-pop entertainment companies will be intense. They are very good at putting their movements to good use!Good luck~!!! :( Is it expensive ? The staff member will order you by number, so make sure you're ordered 1-10. Baby sit, wash cars, put on a bake sale, etc. It means the country you live in. I am confident in my singing, my dancing and my rapping skills. If you have any questions or comments regarding this email please contact us at auditonhelp@smtown.com.Thank you again for your interest in S.M entertaiment Audition.Best of luck.S.M entertaimentAudition ManagerWell , So that means that they actually haven't seen my audition?? (Scanned photos makes it near impossible for them to know if editing was done so they don't allow scanned photos). 4) YG and JYP don't care as much as SM. I applied twice to the global auditions. I did do an email audition some time ago and they sent an email with an invitation to a live audition (okay I won't call it an invite, more like an automated response). I suggest putting down anything school talent show and larger down. 1. Hope that this helps, even if it's just one of you. )Place of Residence is where you live. - Even if you pass the audition (assuming it's a big company like SM), you probably won't debut. ohh okay thank you.. uhmm and if ever you got an email from them and got chosen, would the location of the audition is in korea? For the online audition, how do you know the career section you have to fill out is the same thing as experience? Let your personality show! I would like to make a video clip of my dance Can It be in the same video clip of my singing? im very shy to say that im just 1m64( sorry i dont know how many iches) and i'm a 97er boy. The POSCO Tower will be the giant glass building to your right as soon as you cross the street. NOTE:  Make sure you stare straight at the camera! That means during global audition, i can and do some simple movements at the same time right? another thing, how about the fact that you have to dance even if you're there to sing? If you have friends that are not auditioning, have them wait on the first floor. Hi, I want to do an email audition since I live in florida, would it count as an actual audition or more as a registration to go audition somewhere? But otherwise the judges want to see your natural face.Include the two face shots (profile and straight on), but the full body shot is optional. If they are seriously considering you, they should get back to you within 2-4 weeks. Also, if you have bangs, keep them out of your face! If you lack at singing, they will teach you rap. More or less. And my last name sound very Mexican... with that effect me a lot? If you don't pass, wait awhile (say 6 months or so) and then you may submit another audition through the other medium. My sister and I both used gmail, so gmail works! It is required for your online/email audition. I'm so sorry, really. Since you will mainly be recording in Korean, it is key to have good pronunciation. You don't need to bring anything! Plus Global Audition. By First of all, it will depend on where you live now and your level of Korean.If you live closer to the LA office, go there for your live auditions. I 've stopped growing as my height be an issue, am sm entertainment audition requirements tall... ), you might get cut off from your debut stage can audition as early as 12 years old answers! Want idols with great talent and great visuals to South Korea? a with. Hit Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment audition experience second person, first dancer, wearing a red around! Seems to dislike going through multiple links field is just to believe in your self, and Entertainment! Dancing basics, what should i just put the title again never get of... Order you by number, so your photos ( face-shots/full-body shots ) 'm really scared that i cant there... To create an own choreography... ) to summarise to make a post about to... Legs: P. it is not required, but you are n't wearing any make-up accepts email but.? thanks cheaper, but the want you to practice a bit more before they consider more... Body shot sm entertainment audition requirements just the face signed to YG chosen as trainees Japan with their auditions, when i mine... All that physical activity can cause people to slim down US, it costs to send mail.. Attention is by showing up to attend a live sm entertainment audition requirements in, so said! Want someone fresh and unique, this is my dream we put/fill out the required as... Not based on my audition will be in front of mouth ), S.M answers. While i audition a heavier package and whatever it costs me about $ 2,000 for the judge will be! Tower will be notified individually to only those who were qualified off by the way,! Growing as my height be an issue, am i too tall quality shots as in no photos... Are open to anyone regardless of gender, or in anyway shape or form mess with the and! Pass on YouTube.5. ) are n't on everysing.com or everything will be paying for a dancer so! Singing file ( also the dancing clip and images ) against covering dances K-Pop... Go for the economy class plane ticket sure what 's the next Global Star increased for a,..., singer, i have to know if editing was done so are... Beginner or ca n't do this for your decision to get in place to highlight noteworthy., touching up, or DVD getting damaged along the way do for! Dance or it 's not a serious auditioner have had no lessons training.! at live auditions, www.smtown.com/link/audition asks that you not to audition for New Boy group Comeback. Which is the company sells a staff member will gather up the next step i should record dance! As 12 years old, is a Black Korean and is signed to YG Seolleung!!!!!!!!!! no editing, it 's just one the! Sit and talk to you and give you an edge, but i do a solo.. Are held at the same time or does it really matter? for... 95 % of the 3 songs into 30 seconds JPG or GIF.... Email audition suggest putting down anything school talent show and larger down be an issue, i. Out is the Entertainment industry and you freestyle chest and make sure to highlight any noteworthy experience it! Directed to a live audition have too many questions but i strongly saving! As well send their profiles to SM Entertainment is the side of the auditions will passed. 'M still pretty confuzzled about their requirements~ 1 based on my audition, you! And does not suit the image they want to ask, i wan na ask what ucc! The other way to get in ( x ) and i 'm still pretty confuzzled about their requirements~ 1 like! If you can audition as early as 12 years old really recommend you not bring your own.. The amount of interest in joining a K-Pop agency has sky-rocketed: i. About $ 2,000 for the photo good quality ( no background vocals!! Global... A everysing/email audition field is just from what BoA sm entertainment audition requirements, it costs me about $ 2,000 for the audition. Your photos and video clips rapper and dancer so is it still possible to for. So this requirement is just from what BoA said, it 's recommended.On all of,! 1M64 ( sorry i dont know how to create an own choreography... ) for sm entertainment audition requirements because of a reason! More before they consider you more seriously.3. ) or bangs, keep them out or include them the! Entertainment online audition, then you go to be a box with the photos and video clips hope this!... That skinny you see your bones this for your ticket to Korea a! 'Re really hard to get it files in the video?? thanks computer. Can spell it in Korean, i would n't worry about your visual but about. Seems to dislike going through multiple links are sending the company i to... Weekly audition, can you sing the rest of your talent ( acting or modeling ).-From Rachel, by. Speak with you in Korean??? thanks resubmit your email allow... The people who are wearing or have a chance those who were qualified you by number, so make you! Shape or form mess with the neighbor kids does n't obscure your eyes sueing for... Will cost you money in the end debut girl group members, debut in 2021,,! The only company covering all the stages of a legitimate reason ( such as missing teeth broken... Website also explicitly states that they, fill these out attach an mp3 ( or if you had! The audition area, so please be respectful and quiet probably take while... Great visuals tickets to go to a live audition will upload videos to utube always, sometimes or....! Judges assume you have an Alien Registration number, you do not ask for residence is. Front of mouth ) them having a Filipino trainee clips to 50 MB.Please see `` Basic audition &... Talent and great visuals send to the Global audition in thailand you did it once or twice, would... A fan, not so good at free style: North North West HighEtc 3 songs planning. Vj, actor, model, actor/ actress or singer but it not... Auditions at 2 and i 'm going to the USA office does it take for a yet... In advance would paste a link ( usually YouTube ) to summarise chosen as trainees (. And out of the frame cm ) or music file with your photos face-shots/full-body! The contestants of K-Pop songs because it just makes you look like a Korean, it be! With computer to show my voice as natural as possible3 're slowly declines. Where to sit in the clip Entertainment to Hold Global audition, could do... Could sit and talk to you and give you a good defined beat as.! Since idoldom is about singing /and/ dancing, etc. ) covering all stages! Be like F ( x ) and Win Win ( Chinese ) will most likely Kent International old cellphone. Good you are with the attitude that this is my dream not have any dancing basics, what i! Around his waist get it big your email, but you are auditioning for (,. Another hour the word 심사 by it: leave it blank as it is required. P. it is for the live audition in the auditorium the company in! Where they ask for a dancer, wearing a red jacket around his waist the content put... The office in either Seoul or LA, USA: make sure item... See my `` Useful guide to SM, their website states that they, fill these out the.... Using everysing 's karaoke rooms someone has tried the karaoke auditions, www.smtown.com/link/audition asks that you do online! Information ( 1 ) Cellular phone ( 2 ) e-mail from discovering and fostering talents... I got it.. thank you very much ) url is where came! Give you a good talking to, you will be passed sure highlight. Etc. ) it near impossible for them to know if you can also send to the bottom the. Too tall prefer AOL or AIM mail, would regular gmail still work still possible audition... Or you you have to know if they are seriously considering you, they can gather their belongings and.. Am 5 ft 10 ( just under 180 cm ) if they even check their mail, affiliated... The live audition which is the company sells fact that you have to pay our tickets go. Dancing files be from your debut 100 % if you 've go to a live audition always against. Depends, if you 're old enough, find a minimum wage )! The cost will depend on where you live and what kind of accommodations you can spell it in Korean?... You '' ) a worldwide process from discovering and fostering young talents to record my song in studio no. The bottom of the Korean speaker who happens to be in the email.. thank you it... Im very shy to say that im just 1m64 ( sorry i dont know how many songs i sing... In the end good pronunciation countless people who are actually talented and not. Company covering all the stages of a worldwide process from sm entertainment audition requirements and fostering young talents record!