Project folder. $31.06. By Red Flood Mod. It is made up of one state, Albania. To form the Greater German Reich, you must be playing as Germany, be fascist, and have Adolf Hitler as your leader. This will be a true start location game and the AI will be set to deity. Nonetheless, Valkists fundamentally defend socially progressive ideals, and the leader grants liberties to the people. Tags: hearts of iron iv, gaming, strategy, hoi4, hearts of iron 4. Anticipate the intentions of your enemies and try to be ready for anything, and if the enemy doesn't leave you a choice remember that attack is the best defense. Shadows of France… Edit Ideas Add New. Replaced Japan leader with Chiha Akaneyae. The Franco-British Union has been created in 1936 following a premature / unnecessary collapse of the French government. 290 x 174 png 1kB. :'3 Still don't know how re-write the Brief History text..