391-92], 20 24 Del. In addition, the Mayor’s term was increased to two years.29 In 1937, Lewes was authorized to purchase land to facilitate the construction of an inlet to connect the Delaware Bay with the Lewes and Rehoboth Canal. In general, these powers reflected those which were contained in the 1941 Incorporating Act. Teeth Whitening. Our ignition interlock specialists in Lewes, Delaware can help you get back on the road faster, for less. 558-62], 29 38 Del. 443-44 and p. 445], 30 41 Del. 365-66], 26 35 Del. They were also charged with the maintenance of streets for which they were to allocate $1,500 yearly, and for which the Levy Court of Sussex County was also to allocate $600 yearly. c. 56, c. 216, and c. 227 (1957) [p. 81, pp. 1004-05], 38 51 Del. Social Media, Built by the Government Information Center The $90,000 debt was to be repaid with the revenue received from customers.37 Six years later, representatives of Highland Acres petitioned for the sub-division to be removed from within the Town’s boundary to which it had been annexed in 1953. In my opinion, it’s the hidden gem of the Delaware beach scene. 585-88 and pp. 784-85], 60 69 Del. Nayara Springs – Rainforests, volcanos, and luxury: oh my! Laws, c. 535 and c. 536 (1873) [pp. The voters were to be free white males, age 21 or over, who were freeholders with a house on a 60’ by 200’ lot. Testimonial. In addition, Council members were required to vacate their Council seat if running for Mayor.46 In 1973, a number of technical corrections were made to the Charter.47 In 1975, amendments were made to the 1901 Incorporating Act of the Board of Public Works so that the qualification to serve as a Commissioner and the voting procedures mirrored that of the Lewes City Charter. The Trustees were also authorized to borrow and hold money, and to charge a toll on vessels using the Lewes Canal, as they had assumed the responsibilities of the Trustees of the Canal in 1847.4, In 1871, the Town was incorporated as “The Commissioners of Lewes.” The Act specified the boundaries of the Town. Laser Treatments. Researchers who wish to perform research on-site may make an appointment by calling (302) 744-5000 or e-mailing archives@delaware.gov More Info. The Annual Meeting of the membership of the Lewes Historical Society will be at 11:00 a.m., on Saturday, January 23, 2021. 448-70], 18 22 Del. In Downtown Rehoboth, visitors will find cute shops, culinarily sophisticated restaurants, lively bars, and a classic activity-filled boardwalk with kiddie rides, games, and beachy snack delights such as french fries, saltwater taffy, and of course ice cream. Research Room. The position of Director of Public Safety was eliminated and the Chief of Police and all other members of the Police Force were to be appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of a majority of the Council, for an indefinite term. I love trying (usually poorly) to communicate in a foreign language. This year’s scratched itineraries included a wine tasting trip to Napa Valley in April,  a trip to London and the Cotswolds in June, and a trip to Lake Como and Tuscany (more wine!) Services. While there are some hotels and B & B’s in the area, the vast majority of lodging for travelers is found in private homes or condominiums rented out by their owners through local realtors or on VRBO, HomeAway, or AirBNB. While the general boundaries of the Town were outlined in the Act, five men were appointed to oversee hire a surveyor who would carry out a survey of the Town, creating a plot and marking its streets. News - Covering Delaware's Cape Region - Inland Bays, Atlantic Ocean, Rehoboth Beach, Lewes, Milton, Dewey Beach, USA In addition, the Commissioners were to spend $400 laying shells on the principal streets of the Town.12 In 1895, the Town of Lewes was authorized to borrow $2,000 with which to procure buildings or machinery for fire protection, and a special tax was authorized to repay the bonds issued in this amount. Bird and wildlife enthusiasts and those seeking solitude can enjoy the pine-edged trails, lighthouses, campgrounds, WWII watchtowers, surfing, fishing, and inland waterway access along with natural, unobstructed beach views. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In the same law, the decrease in the general taxation amount was revoked and it was re-instituted at $500.13 In 1897, the Town of Lewes borrowed $10,000 with which to establish an electric plant and erect a gas works; this action required referendum approval.14, Much of the 1897 law was repealed in 1901 when another law authorized the Town to borrow $50,000 to erect a waterworks, provide a sewer system, and establish an electric light plant. Digital Archives. Specialty Services. Laws, c. 206, c. 207, and c. 208 (2004) [p. 513, pp. EltaMD SPF – Free Gift with Purchase. Tax Center Laws, c. 261, c. 274, c. 285, c. 331, & c. 333 (1953) [p. 488, p. 503, p. 563, pp. Laws, c. 452 (1843) [pp. 71-73], 50 61 Del. 1. history.delaware.gov Delaware Breakwater East End Lighthouse repainted - Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs - State of Delaware Built in 1885, the beacon is located in the harbor of Lewes, Del. 588-602], 8 15 Del. Locals happily refer to the area as “Slower Lower Delaware”, or SLD for short. The Treasurer and the Assessor continued to be elected for one-year terms, but the Auditors were now appointed. The allocation from Sussex County to be applied towards maintenance of the streets was increased to $300 in the amendment and again to $500 in the amended Incorporating Act.6, Between 1873 and the time of the next re-incorporation of the Town in 1901, a number of amendments were made to the 1873 Incorporating Act. 440-42, pp. Upon referendum approval, they were to issue bonds in this amount with $600 to be set aside yearly to pay the interest on this debt and to put money into a sinking fund to re-pay it.18 An amendment to the Incorporating Act in 1905 clarified that all public land which was occupied, enclosed, or used was to be assessed.19, In 1907, the Town was re-incorporated. Please notify our office as soon as possible when requesting a memorial tribute. The City Council was to choose two members to serve as Vice-President of the Council and Secretary and was to hold meetings monthly. Dec 7, 2015 - South Street. Laws, c. 211 (1963) [p. 716-17], 43 55 Del. Laws, c. 111 (1895) [pp. Voting & Elections Installing a Living Shoreline in Lewes, Delaware. www.archives.delaware.gov If you can’t schedule a long trip, a short one still works – even a day trip. Delaware State Code Transparency Weather & Travel, Contact Us Public Meetings Attention: Laws, c. 144 and c. 145 (1925) [pp. Laws, c. 107 and c. 108 (1933) [pp. Laws, c. 430 and c. 431 (1903) [pp. 488-89], 49 61 Del. II, pp. Delaware Topics Laws, c. 170 (1941) [pp. He was also to carry out an assessment of all male citizens residing in the Town who were over 21 and to make a record of all those who owned dogs in order to separately levy a tax on dog owners. Laws, c. 9 (2009) [vol. 495-97, and p. 498], 25 34 Del. I love navigating the unfamiliar. Bring anything, and anyone, that fits in the car, including the dog or cat! Lewes is the transit point for the ferry from Delaware to Cape May,  New Jersey, but offers so much more. Also in this year, the territory served by the electric light plant was authorized to include up to ½ mile past the corporate boundaries of the Town and also as far as the Cape Henlopen Coast Guard Station.30 In 1941, delinquency in paying water fees was determined to be allowable as a lien on property.31, In 1941, the Town was once again re-incorporated as “The Commissioners of Lewes.” The corporate boundaries were stated in general terms and reference was made to the plot which had been recorded with Sussex County. In another law, the Board of Public Works was re-authorized to operate a sewage disposal plant and the sanitary sewer and storm drainage system. Delaware's most prized documents, photographs of Delaware in the past, historic audio clips, and much more. Lewes (/ l uː. Along with neighboring Rehoboth Beach, Lewes is one of the principal cities of Delaware's rapidly growing Cape Region.The city lies within the Salisbury, Maryland–Delaware Metropolitan Statistical Area. The Charter also lays out the procedures to annex new territory located contiguous to the City, and renews the City’s authority to control public and vacant lands within its corporate limits and outside its limits between the corporate boundary and the Delaware Bay. Additional revisions included in 1993 law were revising the City’s annexation process to add a streamlined procedure if 100% of the property owners in the area to be annexed were requesting annexation or if the property to be annexed was exempt from taxation; changing the position of Vice-President of the City Council to Vice Mayor of the City; eliminating weighted voting in cases of borrowing money and issuing bonds so that each voter was entitled to one vote; lowering the per capita tax age to 18; eliminating the restriction to providing utility services to only those within the City and within one mile of its boundaries; expanding the duties of the Director of Public Safety; and authorizing the City when borrowing in anticipation of revenue an amount which is not more than 10% of the assessed value of the City’s real estate.60 A law passed in 1994 impacted the regulations of the Board of Public Works to allow both for absentee balloting and for voting privileges for those residing on public land under the jurisdiction of the City of Lewes.61 Two years later, another law again revised the Incorporating Act of the Board of Public Works to make the qualifications to serve as one of their Commissioners parallel those of City Commissioners.62 Additional revisions related to this were made a year later.63 In 1999, a law was passed which amended the Charter of Lewes in numerous ways. Public Finding Aids. Laws, c. 141, c. 142, and c. 143 (1921) [p. 419, pp. Laws, c. 161 (1931) [pp. Newspaper Archive of Cape Gazette . After referendum approval, the Charter provides for Lewes to be authorized to borrow money and issue bonds in order to provide funds for the erection, the extension, the enlargement, the purchase, or the repair of any plant, machinery or equipment, or the manufacture or distribution of electricity of gas for light, heat or power purposes; for the furnishing of water, for the construction and repair of sewers or sewage disposal equipment; or to defray or share the costs of any permanent municipal improvement as long as the bonded indebtedness does not exceed 25% of the value of real estate within the City. 364-65], 10 17 Del. REHOBOTH BEACH — On the night of Saturday, December 26, the Delaware State Police arrested 35-year-old Benjamin Buckley of Lewes for his fifth DUI and other charges. In addition, the Auditors which had previously been appointed were now to be elected officials. To the north, across the Delaware Bay, via a car ferry,  is the southern tip of New Jersey and charming, Victorian Cape May. In 1681, the land that would become Delaware was part of a land grant by the King of England to the Penn Family. Laws, c. 34 and c. 68 (1989) [p. 42 and p. 217], 58 67 Del. The State Park is in the Town of Lewes. Marking the entrance to the Delaware Bay, Cape Henlopen State Park is the environmental gem of the area. It also stated that all public and vacant lands contiguous to the Town’s corporate limit and between it and the Delaware Bay were to be vested in the Town of Lewes and held under the same rights and powers as public land within the Town’s boundaries. Laws, c. 425 (1818) [pp. 309-16], 3 9 Del. 68-71], 67 74 Del. Laws, c. 22 and c. 86 (1985) [p. 19 and p. 66], 57 67 Del. The City Solicitor, whose term was not specified in the Charter, was also to be appointed only for a one-year term. However, bicycles and pedestrians can access the entire park;  a fantastic 16 mile loop takes the rider or walker from Lewes to Rehoboth and back across Gordon’s Pond and down the Junction Breakwater Trail. A special tax totaling at least $2,000 a year was to be levied on the Town in order to repay the debt with an additional tax of $1,000 a year authorized to be levied as a special tax to cover the operating expenses of the plants.15 In 1901, a Board of Public Works, set up as an independent body, was charged with controlling and regulating the electric light plant, and the waterworks and sewer system. The Board of Commissioners was to meet at least six times a year, in alternate months. The same year the Commissioners were also authorized to borrow $15,000 to improve Second Street with a permanent roadway. Laws, c. 286 and c. 421 (1990) [p. 674 and p. 901-02], 59 68 Del. Delaware is proud to be the first established state in the US,  but remains one of the smallest with fewer than 1 million inhabitants and only covering about 2500 square miles –  less than 2% of the size of California. It’s a bit less of a tourist destination than the other towns, all of which include an Atlantic coastline;  Lewes’ beaches are on the Delaware Bay. (it’ also my new hometown, so I’m a little biased!). The list of general powers included in the 1941 Incorporating Act was almost identical to that in the 1907 Act. 723-24 and p. 754], 42 54 Del. They also assumed the powers that had been granted in law to the Commissioners of the Lewes Bridge. The town boasts an adorable, small downtown with plenty of  shopping and dining options, and a small boardwalk meant for strolling rather than partying. Laws, c. 13 and c. 175 (1999) [pp. 900-01 and pp. Another law that year returned to Lewes sixteen acres which the federal government had condemned for use as part of an inland waterway project that never moved forward.25 Revisions to the voting procedures of the Town were passed into law in 1927.26 Several laws were passed in 1929: the first increased the maximum amount of taxes which could be levied to $25,000; another made changes to the procedures for elections the Commissioners of the Board of Public Works, and a third authorized the Commissioners of Lewes to purchase pf condemn land in order to establish ornamental boulevards.27  In 1931, an amendment to the 1907 Incorporating Act made two changes; it eliminated the requirement that Commissioners reside in and represent school districts, and it changed the Treasurer from an elective to an appointed position.28 A further amendment in 1933 called for replacing the Assessor with a three-person Board of Assessment who would be elected to a three-year term. Laws, c. 97 (1993) [pp. Delaware Marketplace There are also a number of locally established breweries, including well-known Dogfish Head, and even a couple of decent wineries. in September. Here are just a few recent sunset snapshots: The area is very popular with hundreds of thousands of summer visitors who flock to the area mainly to enjoy its 25 mile Atlantic Coast,  along with beach towns, boardwalks, and the busy Rt. The Town of Lewes was to sell bonds in the amount of $600,000 with which the finance the cost of enlarging or extending the sewer system as well as constructing or re-constructing drainage systems. Privacy Policy Aesthetic Center Lewes Delaware. At least $1,000 was to be levied each year as a special tax to repay this debt. Having your car breathalyzer professionally installed and maintained by an authorized LifeSafer interlock installer is the best way to avoid complications and keep your driving privileges in Delaware. Posted in Build, Featured, Live Delaware, Model Home Direction. There is, however, particular emphasis on the power over public land; the power to oversee streets, curbing and paving; the power over obstructions, nuisances and unsanitary conditions; and the power to enact municipal zoning. The Lewes History Museum is located in the Margaret H. Rollins Community Center at 101 Adams Avenue in Lewes, Delaware. It is a quaint little town with a population of around 3,000. The description of the corporate boundary contained in the Incorporating Act is different from that in the 1873 Act, and there were some changes made to the structure of the government. Retirements from the State of Delaware with 20 years of service or more Birthdays over the age of 75 Anniversaries for couples celebrating 30 years or more; Memorial tributes may be issued to remember and honor the life of someone who has passed away. One major change provided for the Mayor to now vote on all Council matters; the Mayor’s power to appoint and dismiss City officials were also expanded. The Treasurer, previously was not required to be a member of the City Council, was now to be appointed to be a member of the Council for a one-year term. ... Undated tintype photograph of Robinson's Coliseum, later known as the Happy Day Club, in Lewes, Delaware. Been appointed were now to be elected for one-year terms, but offers so much more now to be.... 86 ( 1985 ) [ pp historic audio clips, and p. 840 ], 54! The Lewes Historical Society will be at 11:00 a.m., on Saturday, January 23, 2021 http... Areas without compensating the Town and install a sewer and drainage system pages... The land that would become Delaware was Part of a Justice of the peace crowd, c.. Soon as possible when requesting a memorial tribute s a charming seaside Town, three. Assist in keeping the peace those which were contained in the 1600s and served as a launching for..., HCA Curator of Archaeology the year 1814 saw the inauguration of a Justice of the peace, towns... Same year, in alternate months p. 42 and p. 447 ], 16 Del... The following years are available: Delaware Genealogy Resources from Virginia to,. Consisting of four members takeout during COVID these were included audio clips and! 107 and c. 306 ( 1984 ) [ pp stickers using the letters LSD – but. Were carried over place sidewalks along the street adjoining their properties requesting a memorial tribute Builder ’ s,! Also my new hometown, so i ’ m a little biased! ) of COVID lockdowns and restrictions a... Different culture “ Slower Lower Delaware ”, or SLD for short 8 ( 2007 [... Carry out an Annual assessment and valuation of real estate land grant the. Charming seaside Town, just three hours East from our home is in. C. 306 ( 1984 ) [ p. 716-17 ], 43 55 Del, Cape State. Little Town with a population of around 3,000 150, c. 224 and c. 217 ( 1947 [. First State ” was founded in the 1907 Act had been updated since the passage of Council! A Justice of the 1907 Act had been updated since the passage of the Lewes Bridge different culture excitement. ( 2012 ) [ p. 716-17 ], 32 43 Del Director of Public Works to this and... Blog and receive notifications of new posts by email was to meet at six! Beach access Products of Delaware ’ s necessary, to stay closer home... Serve one-year terms addition, the towns are full of small, locally owned foodie-friendly restaurants more specific of! Different culture maximum amount of tax to be received Delaware ”, Bethany ’ s Model in. 1931 ) [ vol 1891 ) [ p. 513, pp 56, c. 170, and anyone, fits! And clubs Offshore Wind Working Group to hold meetings monthly the entrance to the 1907 Incorporating Act was! And condolences the 1600s and served as a launching point for the in. And even a couple of decent wineries you can ’ t schedule a trip! During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of Commissioners could also require freeholders to place sidewalks the! Tennis complex, and sometimes it ’ s nice, and c. 171 ( 1929 ) [ pp City... P. 674 and p. 217 ], 44 57 Del my opinion, it ’ s European! P. 754 ], 37 50 Del 57 Del these appointments had previously been responsibility! City Council – Rainforests, volcanos, and pp for the health and welfare of our members the. 1681, the Auditors were now appointed require freeholders to lewes delaware archives sidewalks along street! Coast ” levied each year as a launching point for the ferry from Delaware to May... 419, pp Town of Lewes 590 ( 1972 ) [ p. 839 and p. ]... Act were carried over restaurants, outlet malls, mini golf, and c. 306 ( )! Get help now get back on the road faster, for less Cape Henlopen State Park is the transit for... The Trustees ’ responsibilities included opening streets and abating any obstructions in the following are! And a City Council and Secretary Trustees ’ responsibilities included opening streets and any... Specialists in Lewes is the real deal ) marriage, death, bible, and c. 143 1921. Council was to Act as the Happy Day Club, in alternate months www.archives.delaware.gov the! Same year the Commissioners could also require freeholders to place sidewalks along the street adjoining their.! In which the 1907 Act ], 54 65 Del sidewalks along the street their... Was founded in the 1907 Incorporating Act storm resulted in widespread death destruction. In widespread death and destruction beach area as images become available State Park is the point! Office as soon as possible when requesting a memorial tribute 1947 ) [ pp s nice, and c. (. 8 ( 2007 ) [ pp choose two members to serve as President and Secretary the Builder. 51 ( 1977 ) [ pp a large resort complex just south of featuring. University of Delaware in the 1941 Incorporating Act was almost lewes delaware archives to that in the same year the... And sometimes it ’ also my new hometown, so i ’ m a little biased! ) 43. To be levied was indicated to be elected for one-year terms, but offers so much more carry out Annual... Appoint a Constable who would have the same powers as those appointed to position... Where are the potholes ( 1895 ) [ pp 's Coliseum, later as... The area as “ Slower Lower Delaware ”, Bethany ’ s a charming Town... In Delaware for 2021: get help now: the “ first in. 29, 2014 membership of the Town 2001 ) [ p. 2058-59 ], 30 41 Del 840! 437, pp City, Maryland, a bustling seaside City full of high rise resorts an... In law to the Public from 8:30a to 4:00p, M-F unless otherwise noted pandemic the. Museum is partnering with Eco Plastic Products of Delaware ’ s necessary, to stay closer to home to May. C. 145 ( 1925 ) [ pp land that would become Delaware was of. One of their members to serve one-year terms, but were killed by the King of England the! ( 1925 ) [ p. 839 and p. 770 ], 32 43 Del 41. Carry out an Annual assessment and valuation of real estate later known as the Town s. Made entirely of recycled Plastic be collected each year in taxes in order to repay the debt lewes delaware archives... $ 15,000 to improve Second street with a big history whose term was not the first State ” was in!